Do You Need a Mobile Application For Catapulting Business Growth?

90% of the online traffic comes through mobileapps ! Why? Because at the pan world level, the use of the internet has been customized as per the platform. And majority of the users are well wired to the Internet using mobile devices: The USA spearheading in this segment with 71%, followed by Canada at 62%, and UK at 61%. Such numbers compel businesses to prefer mobile devices over websites to better connect with their audience.

1.How Mobile Applications Have Become Necessary For Your Business?

Customer Loyalty

Global smart wearable market is expected to reach $31.95 billion by 2026. The development phase of the economy has also progressed in the same direction with the introduction of digital payments through UPI and now the digital rupee. As time passes, the inclination of people would move more towards the use of 5G, AR & VR to transform their consumer experience. In all these segments, mobile phones will play a key role.

Optimizing Marketing

Statista reports that mobile users amounted to 6.95 billion in 2020 and it could become 7.33 billion by 2023. With reports stating that 3 out of 4 mobile users go for a mobile search first to satisfy their immediate buying needs, a mobile friendly business would always enjoy a better edge over its peers who haven’t used the same for their business.

Convenience in Shopping

Imagining that 75% of the US population prefer taking their mobile phones to even the bathroom, that narrative has set the necessity to customize business operations that could reach out to customers wherever they go. A business which fails to adapt to these changing trends will perish in oblivion like Nokia did.

2.How To Know That Your Business Needs a Mobile Application?

Your business will be giving some signs that it requires a mobileapplication . Here’s what they will look like:

Setting an e-Commerce Business

If you have set-up an ecommercebusiness , in that case, in all probability you need a mobile app. These applications help in providing push notifications which are essential for the growth and development of the business.

Target Audience

You need to look at the target audience and based on that you can create the strategy. If your target audience is falling in the age group of 18 to 24 years, in such a situation, you would require a mobileapp since they would be comfortable interacting with your business via an app.

Competitors Use Applications

If the competitor you have in the market has already been using mobile applications for long. In such a situation, you need App development services. The reason for this is better customer experience. An app allows a business to provide a better customer experience. If your mobile application could match with that of your competitor, in such a case, it will be a level playing field for both the businesses. The customers would be eager to download your app since they want to know what additional you can offer that they are lacking in their previous purchases. In this way, you can benefit at large as a business.

Key Points To Consider When You Develop an Application for Your Business
Platform Selection

While developing an application for your business, the platform on which the app would be built is important. For that reason, you need to understand the demography and geographical requirements. For example, in the US, people usually go for Apple phones and iosapp make more sense than Android. That said, you need to keep such a strategy in mind.

3.How SDNA Can Help Businesses Develop Applications?

SDNA TECH has been in the market for the last one decade. During this time, they have developed some of the smartest applications for the businesses. That said, they are the best when you want to develop mobile applications for your business. You can book a consultation with SDNA experts who would show you a MVP before developing the final product.

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