The IDC report confirms that 50% of all ICT spending will be spent on digital transformation. However what’s concerning is the outcome since a report says that only 64% of the companies are satisfied by their service provider. Most Mobile App Development are outsourcing because of inadequate capacity. As a result, it has diluted the quality of the application. The performance remains on the top list when it comes to malfunctioning apps.

1.Key Performance Issue in Mobile Applications

Poor UI/UX experience

How important is the UI & UX? Most businesses do not want to pay heed to a very sophisticated UI/UX interface; however, the outcome is extremely intolerable. In the US, a leading bank lost $500 million because they had a bad uiux . The outcome of this precarious situation was employees wasting valuable man-hours identifying the flawed transactions. Hence the business loses considerable productive time for fixing the odds. When an application has better UI equipped with the following features;

 Load speed

 Devices and operating systems

 Screen resolution

 Crash reports

In such a situation, desirable outputs can be easily generated.

Real Life Problem Solving

Applications have failed to overcome their cookie-cutter approach. Most of them aim to provide user-friendliness or convenience of ordering; however, the digital space has matured beyond that. We are living in an era of data. That said, real problem solving capacity will happen when spams can be easily countered by applications.

Imagine an application that can counter spam messages and help you identify which one of the emails are valid and the ones which are simply taking the space of your email. Applications which are built taking this into consideration could help users in an unprecedented manner. Be it the scams or unwanted information, everything can be filtered out by this.

Poor Marketing Plan

Applications require a forward looking approach to mitigate cut-throat competition challenges. However that can only happen when applications can aid in understanding determining data sets and help businesses preempt uncertainties and take a necessary recourse. An application that doesn’t only function to aid better customer experience but derive value from their data can help shape a better marketing plan for the business.

For example, those applications that use proper data mining techniques can perform 3X better which is apparent from a CDC report. During the 2003-2008 flu season, apps played a vital role to track the next flu outbreak. The best part was they could even provide which areas could be affected based on the insights. In this way, applications which are developed thinking about future outcomes could significantly improve the business growth and expansion.

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